joern-knn [options]

DESCRIPTION is a tool to identify similar functions/program slices. It does not deal with the extraction of functions from code nor their characterization (see, however, given a representation of each function/program-slice by a set of strings, it allows similar functions to be identified.


-l –limit <file>

Limit possible neighbours to those specified in the provided file. The file is expected to contain ids of possible neighbors separated by newlines.

-d –dirname <dirname>

The name of the directory containing the embedding, as for example, created by In summary, the directory must contain the following files.


A line containing labels for each data point where the i’th line contains the label for the i’th data point.


The i’th data point where $i is an ordinal. Lines of the file correspond to elementary features. For example, if the function is represented by API symbols and it contains the symbol ‘int’ twice, the corresponding file will be contain the lines:

int int

Write-access to this directory is required as will cache distance matrices in this directory.